How To Use Tracking Codes On Your Website For Monitoring Clicks and Visitors

Knowing how to properly use and install tracking codes on your own website is a best SEO practice and can be important when it comes to installing web analytics software or adding any sort of a link that you would like to track such as an affiliate link or other advertising.

Any serious website owner that receives a decent amount of website traffic should understand the importance of using web analytics software to learn as much about your website visitors as possible, but if you do not know how to install the tracking code on your site then this can present a potential problem when it comes to accurate data reporting.

First, we will cover how to use a web analytics tracking code and then we will cover how to add the tracking code for advertisements or affiliate links.

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When it comes to web analytics software you will want the data that is collected to be as comprehensive and robust as possible, so this means that your analytics tracking code must be present on every page that a reader might find. It is tedious and unnecessary to manually add the tracking code to every single page, so instead, you will want to add the code to either the header or footer of the website that shows up on every page.

The tracking code itself will be a small snippet of javascript computer code that you will copy and paste onto your web page, and once you have added the tracking code you can make sure that it is installed properly by viewing the source code of your web page to make sure that it shows up correctly.

You may also wish to install a tracking code on your website that will display an advertisement or affiliate link across every page of your website, and it is important that this code is also installed correctly so that you can get credit for any clicks or sales that your links generate.

The process is very similar and you will need to copy and paste the code into a file that will show up on every page of your website, however, unlike your web analytics code this will alter the way that the content is displayed on your website.

It is easy to tell whether or not this code has been added correctly because a new advertisement or affiliate link will be visible, and you will now be able to monitor anytime one of your readers clicks on this new link. By understanding how to use tracking codes on your website you will be able to gather detailed information about your website visitors as well as track your advertising results in detail, which is important information for any website owner to know.