Four Key Factors to Successful Website Design

Four Key Factors to Successful Website Design

Four Key Factors to Successful Website Design

When it comes to designing a website that is effective at attracting search engines, visitors, interest, and sales, there are four principal areas that lead to the most effective web designs. A proper website design should include all four of these key elements, and missing even only one of them can spell disaster for the success of your website. 

If you want to attract the right people to your website, and you want to attract the interest of search engines to increase your search result placement and page rank, you absolutely must be willing to follow these four simple guidelines. While you can still customize your website however you want, these are four design principles that simply must be included if you want your website to fulfill its purpose in attracting targeted traffic to your website.

The very first and most important part of your website should be user friendliness because simple and clear website design is important. The simplicity of your website design contributes to its attractiveness from square one. Once you define your target audience, you should work to create a website that is user-friendly specifically for those visitors, because it is the friendliness of your website that will help them determine whether to stick around or not. Your website must be user-friendly above all else because it is not for you or for website designers, your website should be geared toward simple and reliable navigation and interface for your most important visitors.

The next important element to your website’s success is its content. Your content and all of the information that you provide on your website should be relevant to the purpose of your website and should aim to target your actual audience. Targeting the wrong people with your website content will not do you any favors.

The third key to success with your website is visibility. Your website must be search engine friendly. This has to do not only with search engine optimization techniques but also with simply creating a website that gives search engines what they want, easy usability, visibility, maneuverability. If a search engine spider can move through your website with ease, so can your human visitors.

The last key to success with your website is the appearance of your website. Your website does not have to be flashy, overly colorful, and full of animations or anything like that. Your graphics and your text should all follow a single, similar style that flows consistently from page to page. Your style should be professional, visually appealing and most of all: relevant. If your website design matches your content and the aim of your website, and is visually appealing, then you are on the right track.


Implement the right parts of all four of these success factors, and your website will go far. Leave one out, and you may have difficulty attracting the search engines or the visitors that you expected.

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